Stepovich League

The Stepovich League is named for Mike Stepovich, a charming contestant from a 1958 episode of “What’s My Line.” In addition to the notable television appearance, Stepovich was a Fairbanksian who served three terms in the Territorial Legislature and was the last appointed Governor of the Territory of Alaska. He was an advocate for statehood who lived a long life and saw Alaska into its 55th year.

Stepovich League Standings

Budget Headache0400.00%
Dwells here400100.00%
Guns and Blammo13025.00%
Highly Opinionated12033.33%
The Special Session Per Diems300100.00%


Player PowerCapitalSkillGavel Strength
Coghill, John Senate District B3.293.463.213.32
Gara, Les Representative District 203.433.613.433.49
Meyer, Kevin Senate District M3.573.293.213.36
Begich, Tom Senate District J2.753.113.253.04
Stedman, Bert Senate District R3.0733.143.07
Spohnholz, Ivy Representative District 163.073.463.113.21
Josephson, Andrew Representative District 173.042.862.962.95
Johnsen, Jim UA President1.892.111.861.95
Mackie, Jerry Lobbyist2.392.52.822.57
Parnell, Sean Governor of Alaska (09-14)1.821.932.292.01

Budget Headache

Player PowerCapitalSkillGavel Strength
Mallott, Byron Lt. Governor2.363.362.682.8
Kelly, Pete Senate District A3.892.892.963.25
Wilson, David Senate District D2.
Gardner, Berta Senate District I2.753.323.073.05
Costello, Mia Senate District K2.862.962.682.83
Olson, Donald Senate District T2.892.612.612.7
Kawasaki, Scott Representative District 12.822.932.822.86
Talerico, David Representative District
Sullivan-Leonard, Colleen Representative District
Eastman, David Representative District 102.112.362.182.22

Dwells Here

Player PowerCapitalSkillGavel Strength
Young, Don US Representative2.712.682.682.69
Stevens, Gary Senate District P3.
Wielechowski, Bill Senate District H2.893.53.363.25
Kreiss-Tomkins, Jonathan Representative District 353.143.613.433.39
Grenn, Jason Representative District 222.713.252.962.97
Westlake, Dean Representative District 402.822.932.682.81
Drummond, Harriet Representative District
Claman, Matt Representative District 212.932.712.572.74
Ortiz, Dan Representative District 362.892.962.892.91
Fansler, Zach Representative District 382.392.362.322.36

Guns and Blammo

Player PowerCapitalSkillGavel Strength
Murkowski, Lisa US Senator3.753.394.213.78
Sullivan, Dan S. US Senator2.862.393.042.76
Hughes, Shelley Senate District F2.612.682.392.56
MacKinnon, Anna Senate District G3.543.183.113.28
Von Imhof, Natasha Senate District L2.572.642.542.58
Egan, Dennis Senate District Q2.683.072.822.86
Guttenberg, David Representative District
Wool, Adam Representative District 52.642.792.572.67
Neuman, Mark Representative District
Rauscher, George Representative District 92.072.362.142.19

Highly Opinionated

Player PowerCapitalSkillGavel Strength
LeDoux, Gabrielle Representative District 153.863.433.683.66
Bishop, Click Senate District C2.933.112.792.94
Kendall, Scott Governor's Chief of Staff2.792.572.712.69
Hoffman, Lyman Senate District S3.323.293.253.29
Berg, Adam Legislative Staff2.182.362.252.26
Foster, Neal Representative District 392.712.752.432.63
Fogels, Ed Deputy Commissioner, DNR1.892.211.962.02
Teal, David Legislative Fiscal Analyst2.543.142.642.77
Kaplan, Diane Rasmuson Foundation2.543.072.52.7
Knapp, Gunnar Economist2.043.182.322.51


Player PowerCapitalSkillGavel Strength
Reed, Ashley Lobbyist2.572.823.112.83
Dawson, Kent Lobbyist2.182.542.712.48
Rogoff, Alice Owner, ADN32.752.292.68
Berkowitz, Ethan Mayor of Anchorage3.073.213.393.22
Fischer, Vic Constitutional Author2.393.52.822.9
Thompson, Steve Representative District 22.572.962.792.77
Millett, Charisse Representative District
Mack, Andy Commissioner DNR2.362.322.322.33
Begich, Mark US Senator (09-15)2.142.823.252.74
Murkowski, Frank Governor of Alaska1.461.792.041.76


Player PowerCapitalSkillGavel Strength
Edgmon, Bryce Representative District 3743.793.683.82
Seaton, Paul Representative District 314.254.143.754.05
Micciche, Peter Senate District O3.543.363.293.4
Giessel, Cathy Senate District N3.362.862.933.05
Kito, Sam Representative District 333.433.433.53.45
Lindemuth, Jahna Attorney General2.642.572.362.52
Wasserman, Kathie Alaska Municipal League2.392.542.392.44
Stutes, Louise Representative District 322.892.862.682.81
Pitney, Pat OMB2.463.182.542.73
Hoffbeck, Randy Commissioner DOR2.822.932.752.83

The Special Session Per Diems

Player PowerCapitalSkillGavel Strength
Walker, Bill Governor3.433.293.043.25
Dunleavy, Mike Senate District E3.182.933.253.12
Wilson, Tammie Representative District 32.462.362.362.39
Chenault, Mike Representative District 293.293.323.643.42
Tuck, Chris Representative District 233.823.543.433.6
Parish, Justin Representative District 342.182.291.962.14
Tarr, Geran Representative District 193.042.822.962.94
Pruitt, Lance Representative District 272.542.392.752.56
Knopp, Gary Representative District 302.
Kopp, Charles Representative District 242.362.52.462.44