Rules & Gameplay

How Do I Join?
Registration is closed. Maybe we’ll do it again next year. In the meantime, feel free to root for your favorite squad.

Monthly Polling
The measure of each political player’s success will be taken through monthly opinion polls. From those polls, scores will be generated for each political player.

Managers must remove their manager’s hat during polling. We want our league to represent your actual perception of political players, not a view weighted towards your team. Managers caught trying to rig the polling system will be flagged and penalized by league officials.

The three performance measures are Political Power, Political Capital and Political Skill. These three aspects were chosen to balance one another and to provide some encouragement of statesmanship and cooperation.

Political Power
A measure of raw force and the ability of a politician to exert their political will.

Political Capital
A measure of trust, respect and public opinion. Or favors owed. Political potential.

Political Skill
A measure of influence and tactics, how well they play the game.

Gavel Strength
Gavel Strength is a measure of a political player’s combined Political Power, Political Capital and Political Skill.

Alaska Focused
Please note, the above ratings are meant as a measure of a political player’s influence specifically on Alaska State policy and politics. A federal or international player may have great influence over Alaska but if they are distracted by projects elsewhere and do not engage in crafting policy here, they should not score highly.

We certainly value transparency in government but this isn’t government and the AKleg Fantasy League will strive to protect the personal privacy of any managers who wish to remain anonymous.

Player Eligibility & Dropping Players
Managers may drop players from their team and replace them with players not on any other team in their league. To do this, use the Player Drop Form and allow up to 5 days for processing.

Deceased politicians are ineligible as Political Players.

Please refrain from drafting private citizens onto your teams unless they are active in policy setting or lobbying efforts.